Bangkok First


I had my girlfriend and the greatest tour guide for my first time in Bangkok. We stayed at a hostel a little on the outskirts of Bangkok called Jeesnail Guesthouse     The price was so cheap I couldn’t believe it. They even had an upstairs patio that Ally and I fell asleep on, yes the humidity was high and the sound of the motorbikes was loud but we managed to kill a few Chang beers and fall asleep. The owners were super nice and I would recommend staying here. This place is easy to get to by bus or taxi and is super affordable. I think it’s about $10 a night, give or take a few dollars. Way better than Motel Six.

Before I get deep into traveling around Thailand, I think its very important to get a phone sim card instead of relying on wifi. I used and bought an AIS sim card as soon as I got there. It cost me 500 baht for 4g unlimited data for one month. Totally worth it, you can call anywhere, get on wifi anywhere and post to your social media sites. That’s $16 a month, even if you’re here for 2 weeks, it’s still worth it. You can find the shops everywhere.                                                                                        

We used the public transportation as it is the easiest and cheapest way to get around. The bus comes every few minutes so just watch which one you want to use and then get off where your destination is. We went to downtown Bangkok so I could see the sights. Stores and stores everywhere. They have everything, anyone who is shorter than I could easily fly here with nothing and buy everything here for cheap, unfortunately for me, everything is too short. They have hidden malls in these huge buildings where I believe they make the clothes and ship them out to other countries, all brands, Nike, Addidas, Thrasher, Vans and sometimes Wans. I’m sure they are all fake but whatever, I couldn’t tell the difference except for the Wans shirts. Since nothing fit me, Ally took me to the electronics stores. She needed to my a new phone and it turns out NASA sells phones in Bangkok. Haha. you could find used phones and even knockoffs. If it’s too good to be true it’s probably genuinely fake. One used Samsung S7 was selling for 12,000 baht and someone else was selling there’s for 6,000 baht and since I had a Samsung S7 I compared the cheap one and found that it worked the same but when you looked close to the camera, it was clearly fake. She went with the 12,000 baht phone and it worked flawlessly. Oh and do not buy a sim card from these shops, go to a real AIS phone store. They tricked me and charged me for a month but only gave me a week activity. Stupid tourist.

I found stores that sold electronics that I have never seen before, phone companies that do not exist in America, anything and everything you wanted could be purchased here. You could set up a shop if you loaded up a few suitcases with computer and phone gear. Too bad in America, everyone is loyal to Apple or Samsung. There’s so much to choose from over here.

You really need to come here to see the shopping, it’s hysterical seeing all the tourists dressed in the same clothing, elephant pants with a Chang beer tank top.

We check out Khaosan Road where every backpacker goes. There isn’t anything happening in the daytime but at night time this place transforms into a night spectacle where you can eat scorpions, take shots of SangSom rum, see a ping pong show, get your fortune told and meet a ladyboy if you were lucky, or not. You could get yourself in trouble here or lose all your money. I loved it, so much to see and so much fun.


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