I finally got to South East Asia

Here, finally, after so many years of dreaming about coming to Asia, I found myself in Bangkok.  And my girlfriend was there to surprise me at the airport! Best surprise after a really long trip. My flight with Qatar Airways was the best, except that the flight took me from Los Angeles across the nation, over Europe, made a stop in Doha, Qatar and then all the way over to Thailand. It was long, but for the price of $500, I wouldn’t have picked a better airline.

The flight was hardly even booked so I had plenty of room to sprawl out, watch movies, ate great food that they specifically made for me, Vegan! Never waited in line for the bathroom and the flight attendants were so nice to me, I highly recommend flying with them.  https://goo.gl/9cq13L

After finding my bags and spending a little time in customs, I found the exit and Ally was there with the cutest and biggest smile! What?? I don’t have to figure out how to get out of the airport by myself. I was so excited to see her after not being with her for 3 months.

The airport really makes it easy to get around, signs everywhere and in English. Transportation all around, you could take a bus, taxi, train, or tuk-tuk. Although with a tuk-tuk or taxi, be careful as this is where they may charge you too much.

We took a train and a bus to get to Bangkok and all I could do was smile and stare out the window as Ally laughed at me because I was the tallest person there! Haha

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