I am currently living in Koh Tao, a small island in the Gulf of Thailand, prior to that, I was enjoying the beach life in Redondo Beach, California. I spent many years in Phoenix, Arizona where my family lives, and a while back I spent several years in the south of France.

Over the span of 40 years, I have been addicted to alternative sports and traveling. I have raced karts with some of the best drivers, snowboarded in areas people only dream of and felt the loving culture that you find in the outdoors with your fellow mountain bikers.

I have pushed myself to try new things, take more chances, learn interesting topics and explore what nature has given us. I find that my natural religion is being outdoors and letting go of the petty things life throws at you that so many of us get sucked into.

Leaving the big city for a brief moment and spending time outside heals my inside. Doing things that give you a rush of fright and excitement opens my eyes to why we are here. We arent not here to consume, overwork, destroy, hate, we are here to love and cherish what surrounds us.

Every day is a learning day, pick up a new book, talk about a something interesting, meet new people, travel, play, but always have an open mind to see it in different lights.

I want to share some of my experiences from around this world, and maybe help you out along the way.